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As of 2020 Stargate LRP have been running for 15 Years, the system and Society has been around a long time and we have built on the story originally outlined in the Stargate TV show.

The system takes place in a setting where a third Stargate was discovered beneath Stonehenge and was put into use by the British Government, players form a part of the British-led Stargate Expeditionary Force.

Stargate LRP is a Sci-Fi live action role-play society inspired by the popular film Stargate, and the television series Stargate SG-1. We are a not for profit live role playing society, run by role-players for role-players.

After all these years Stargate LRP has consistently provided new players and long term members an immersive and fun experience that makes people keep coming back to see a little more.

Who are we?

Stargate LRP UK is a member-owned LRP. The game has existed in some form or another for over fifteen years at this stage. Our Committee supports teams of volunteer Event Runners to run events set within our small corner of the Stargate Fandom.

Do you actually have a Stargate or do you just ‘pretend’?

No, we have an actual gate prop – we’ve had a couple over the years, but as with most props these things do age over time and some have been retired. Our current gate is in the process of getting wired up for use with our lovely DHD prop which has working dialing coordinates.

What do we do?

We run LRP events set in our own offshoot of the Stargate Canon where a British-led force known as the Stargate Expeditionary Force (SEF) operates out of Corsham in the UK using a Stargate recovered in the Victorian Era from beneath Stonehenge.

Our events are primarily action-orientated but with heavy exploration and research themes – with most events following a format of players operating out of a central basecamp (usually off-Earth) with ‘linears’ performed by teams who step through the Stargate onto unknown worlds.

Much of what we run is recognizably Stargate, with Goa’uld being a common foe, as well as strange and unique threats in the time-honoured tradition of science fiction to throw a bit of a unknown threat at our players now and again.

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What are your rules like?

Our rules are generally cinematic, characters tend to get injured and med-evac’ed rather than dying, combat tends to be fast paced with players using a system of ‘feats’ that give them one-shot abilities that can swing a battle in their favour.

How do you do combat?

Our combat is a cinematic calls-based system with various ‘types’ of weapon doing different levels of damage, and being able to apply special effects alongside damage. SGLRP has a fairly heavy numbers-based combat system so you should be aware of that before joining.

We tend to use unloaded/deactivated airsoft weapons for our firearms props but these are never used to fire projectiles. In recent years the game world has expanded technologically so we often make use of props based around Nerf guns as well as 3D Printed ones, all are acceptable. Armour tends to be plate carriers.

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What is your costume standard?

We tend to wear modern clothing as our setting is in the near future with some differences – we are not pedantic about the authenticity of your military costume if you play a military character and tend to rely on military surplus equipment as a whole. Our minimum standard has been black t-shirt and black comfortable cargo trousers, but in recent years with the availability of British MTP for quite cheap via online surpluse sellers the majority of military characters wear that camouflage pattern but it is by no means required (just mentioned here to answer the question of ‘what camouflage to most of your players wear’).

What characters can I play?

We ask that new players begin as characters from any of the nations of Earth until they are more familiar with the setting, and the majority of player characters will be from Earth as we are, in character, a Earth-led organisation.

Beyond that stipulation you can play anything, the core character backgrounds are that of Military, Intelligence, and Civilian but these can be customised into almost any character, we’ve had everything from common Soldiers and Archaeologists, to Combat Zoologists and Army Interpreters.

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Our Events page lists all of our upcoming events and locations.

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Facebook Group

We have an active Facebook group for people to chat about the game and the setting.

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Our Exec Team

Our committee is here to help answer any questions you might have. If you want to ask any questions about Stargate, see below.



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If you want to talk about booking onto one of our events,  you can contact the Secretary.


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Plot Coordinators

If you want to talk about character ideas or our lore, you can talk to our Plot Coordinators.


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System Referees

If you have a question about our rules, then you can contact our System Referees.