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About Stargate LRP

Stargate LRP UK is a member-owned LRP. The game has existed in some form or another for over fifteen years at this stage. Our Committee supports teams of volunteer Event Runners to run events set within our small corner of the Stargate Fandom.

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What can you play?

Whilst the rules break characters down into three main background (Military, Intel, Civillian), you can basically play any kind of character that you want to. The key thing to think about is “Why would this person have been recruited?”


The SEF is a large organisation, which is always looking for people with new and interesting expertiese. Experts on science, combat, archeology, diplomacy, the list goes on.


The SEF are at the forefront of exploration. Making first contact, and representing Earth in many different scenarios. This draws in many people with strong, positive, ambitions for Humanity.


The SEF has been around for over a decade, and has been publicly known since 2015. As such, there’s various different reasons as to why your character may have crossed paths with the SEF.


Not every member of the SEF is a long-serving expert in everything. Sometimes, people who show a lot of potential are recruited. New ideas and a fresh perspective always helps.

Some tips

Whether you’re new to LARP, or a veteran, here are some tips for getting involved:

Crew an Event

Our events are always looking for people to help crew them, and it’s a great way to get to know the people and the rules of the system.

Events pageEmail the President

Ask questions

Our Facebook group and our Forums are a great place to jump in and start asking questions about the setting and potential characters.

SG LRP Facebook GroupSG LRP Forums

Read the Rules

The system rules provide details about what skills your character could know. Have a read of them to see if inspiration strikes.

Download the Rules

Explore the Setting

Knowledge of the Stargate universe isn’t mandatory for new players, but it is helpful. This site has loads of articles that help to explain our setting.

New Recruits GuideSG LRP Wiki

Our Exec Team

Our committee is here to help answer any questions you might have. If you want to ask any questions about Stargate, see below.



If you want to talk about generally joining the game, then you can contact the President.



Secretary / Treasurer

If you want to talk about booking onto one of our events,  you can contact the Secretary.


Chris & Orev

Plot Coordinators

If you want to talk about character ideas or our lore, you can talk to our Plot Coordinators.


Connor, Dan, Mark

System Referees

If you have a question about our rules, then you can contact our System Referees.