Stargate LRP Ethos

System Design Principles

When the original running team of Stargate first drew together the system on the 25th of May 2005 it was founded on three simple design principles;

Humanity isn’t evil.
Go into the galaxy and create allies against the Goa’uld.

While our narrative has evolved since then our game continues to be informed by this intent.

Player Owned, Player Led

Stargate LRP is run by a society with an elected executive, the executive have authority to deal with matters relating to their posts because they were elected by the members to do so and the exec remains answerable to the members.

This applies in character as well with the chain of command within the player unit being determined by player characters with NPCs removed from in-field command for the purpose of ensuring player leadership is maintained. In an ideal world the player character chain of command will only be determined by Plot Co controlled NPCs in the circumstance of a mass casualty situation were the players are uncertain of who should take charge.

The command chain outside of the player unit will be largely composed of NPCs for the purpose that this allows command characters to be given direction and plot.

NOT a MilSim

Stargate LRP is a Heroic Military Science Fiction LRP – this means that beyond the information laid out in the Basic Training section of the site – you do not need any further knowledge of ‘accurate’ Military behaviour. We do not pretend to reflect the challenges or difficulties of being soldiers, and we do this for fun so it is a clear principle of our game that our accuracy stops at these documents and further information is not required to play, and that things that would impede play such as ‘correct’ gear and uniform requirements are not enforced.

We discourage all participants from commenting on individuals’ kit or behaviour on the basis of what would be true ‘in real life’, it promotes an elitist attitude that we do not want present in SGLRP and doesn’t react to the reality within our LRP.

However it is also important to highlight that as a Military Science Fiction Game, military themes such as ranks, clear hierarchies and an expectation to follow orders from superior officers and other leaders. If this form of roleplay does not interest you then Stargate may not be the LRP for you.

Self Care

We as a system support people making sensible choices about their ability to safely and enjoyably experience the game. Balancing medical needs and the desire to enjoy the game should be made as easy as possible.

To that end if you need to leave due to a situation of any nature that requires you to attend to your self-care you will, without question, still gain all downtime and feats as if you attended the full event.

We will try our best to make any reasonable adjustments to assist players in difficulty, but trust you to know when that is not going to be sufficient.

Pronouns and Misgendering

You should use the pronouns that a player wishes themselves and their character to be addressed by. We appreciate that sometimes when you are unaware of an individual’s pronouns mistakes can happen, but accept being corrected politely and with understanding and proceed from thereon to use the pronouns the participant has asked you to use.

Unacceptable Themes

Stargate is a mature military science-fiction LRP and all participants must be eighteen or older, which means that there can be a chance of running into certain themes that can be provocative or horrifying.

However there are limitations and there are certain subjects that add nothing to our world by being touched upon and are therefore forbidden as subjects to be discussed and covered in both uptime and downtime play.

The forbidden themes at Stargate are as follows;

– Sexual assault, sexual coercion, sexual abuse, sex with minors and all forms of non-consensual sex including forced pregnancy (such as immaculate conception).

– Child death and harm to children.

– Infertility, Miscarriage and Stillbirth.

– Sexist, Racist, Anti-Semetic, Transphobic and Homophobic Language such as pejoratives and slurs.

These themes are very commonly extremely traumatic to people, and while it would be a disservice to pretend they do not exist in our world, such themes add nothing to our narrative and are as such never to be utilised.

There are also some restricted themes that we ask everyone to be cautious around using, if you intend to use these you should consult with both the Executive as a Whole as well as (if you are not yourself one of them) the team running the event you are attending;

– Mental Illness/Learning Disabilities (Please note this does not include ‘Cosmic Horror’ effects so long as those effects have no relation to a diagnosable mental condition)

– Sexism, Racism, Anti-Semetism, Religious Discrimination, Transphobia and Homophobia (this includes ‘fictional’ Racism as such themes can be difficult for people and the impact should be considered beforehand).

– Self-Harm

– Suicide

We do not intend to forbid these themes, we simply wish to ensure that the impact of using them is considered before they are used and when they are used the individuals responsible for those have the support of the Executive.

We make the distinction between Sexist, Racist, Anti-Semetic, Transphobic and Homophobic ‘Language’ and ‘Themes’ in the sense that we believe there is room to explore these issues cautiously within narratives, but we do not want anyone using pejoratives and slurs taken from the real world.